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9 pm – Early Folk

Together with the viola player Mikael Marin and Knut Johannessen on harpsichord, Swedish singer Lena Willemark defies the limits of traditional early music. Born and raised into a long tradition of folk music, Lena Willemark combines these influences with other genres.

Lena Willemark, Knut Johannessen, Mikael Marin

© J Månsson (Lena Willemark), Neue Designstudio (Knut Johannessen), Mikael Marin (Mikael Marin)

Lena Willemark, Mikael Marin och Knut Johannessen

Lena Willemark, song
Mikael Marin
, viola
Knut Johannessen
, harpsichord

Stage: The German Church


A-section 250 kr
B-section 200 kr
Students* (B-section) 180 kr

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Seats are unnumbered.

* Student discount is only given at the SEMF ticket office during the festival week June 1-7 (The ticket office is located at Tyska brinken 13, Gamla Stan).