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European Day of Early Music 2018

Celebrate the sixth European Day of Early Music with SEMF!

Thirty years of music and tears

March 21 2018 throughout Europe marks the celebration of the fifth edition of the European Day of Early Music, launched by an initiative from SEMF and coordinated by REMA. The event enjoys the patronage of the European Commission and is a cooperation with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). 

On March 21st, the beginning of spring and Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday, concerts, conferences and other events related to early music are held around Europe with the purpose of increasing the awareness about the diversity of a shared historical musical heritage. Several of these events are available for a broad audience via online live-streaming.

In Stockholm, SEMF is offering a uniquely compiled concert with Vokalharmonin, Stockholm & lautten compagney, Berlin conducted by Fredrik Malmberg.  

”Thirty years of music and tears”, including works by Schütz, Schein, Boltzius as well as Nordic folk music tunes is presented in The German Church (Tyska kyrkan) at 7 pm and broadcast live through Swedish Radio as well as EBU.

In cooperation with the SR Swedish Radio, EBU and The German Church. More information about the European Day of Early Music can be found on

Buy your tickets here! from February 16th.