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Concerts close to

Saturday 24 November 2012 20:00 - 23:15 Musikaliska

After the Baroque buffet, SEMF Christmas Edition continues with concerts which take place in smaller venues and are therefore performed twice. This means that there are two "routes" possible when navigating the evening's events. You can  trace the two routes in the schedule below by looking at the colour of the background.

Grey/beige background: 20.15-20.45 Storytelling 21.00-21.45 Early Late Night Concert: A Silent Night 22.00-23.15 Monsieur Couperin's Laterna Magica

White background: 20.15-21.30 Monsieur Couperin's Laterna Magica 21.45-22.15 Storytelling 22.30-23.15 Early Late Night Concert: A Silent Night

When you buy a festival pass (with or without Baroque buffet) you are automatically given tickets to the grey/beige background concerts.