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V Christmas Edition

Fleder Vocal Quartet – Pax Natalis Domini

Saturday 3 December 2016 18:00 - 18:50 XVII Century Vault under V50 Restaurant

Christmas peace is provided by the beautiful vocal polyphony of the Renaissance, from the Nordic countries and the Iberian peninsula, whith the ensemble members  offering their own favourite delights, pieces of a cappella music, a welcome pause in the rush hour before Christmas.

Fleder: A lovely sounding unity made up of four beautiful and forged voices belonging to the most requested ensemble singers in Stockholm, that otherwise can be heard in the Swedish Radio Choir and Eric Ericson's Chamber Choir: Jessica Bäcklund (soprano), Charlotta Hedberg (alto), Love Tronner (tenor), Rickard Collin (bass)


Music by Perotinus, Tomás Luis de Victoria, William Byrd and from Piæ Cantiones.


Ticket price: 150 SEK