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VI SEMF Christmas Edition Festivalpass

Saturday 16 December 2017 15:29 - 21:25 The German Church



The SEMFestivalpass gives you entry to VI SEMF Christmas Edition. When buying the festival pass you can choose a permanent seat (same place for all concerts) in the German Church, rows 5, 6 and 7, A-section. IMPORTANT: when making this choice while purchasing through Internet, you will be linked to a box with the question Säsongskort? (meaning Season card) This event is included in a season offer, would you like to purchase regular tickets or a seasonal ticket? Choose I want to purchase season tickets (this is an internal term of our ticket distributor Tickster, which corresponds to the SEMFestivalpass) to proceed with the festival pass purchase.


• The price for the SEMFestivalpass is 550 SEK. NB - limited number of passes!

• A Swedish ”fika” (coffee and bun) at 3.30 pm is included in the SEMFestivalpass.

• Please note that the passport is valid for all events except the Early Late Night Concert.  

• You can of course buy tickets for each single concert, too!