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Time for dinner – Pre-book your meal at Grillska Huset here

Photo: © Grillska Huset

Saturday 15 December 2018 18:40 - 19:50

This year we have the pleasure to offer our dear festival visitors a nice dinner at Grillska Huset (Stadsmissionen), Stortorget 3, in the heart of the Old Town.  

On the menu:

1) Fish pot with prawns and aioli (Fiskgryta med räkor och aioli).


2) Roasted vegetabels in corma sauce with raita and basmati rice - vegetarian dish. (Rostade grönsaker i kormasås med raita och basmatiris).

Price: 175 SEK. Softdrink/light beer included!

Please note! The offer is just valid until Monday, December 10th, 2 pm, at the latest.

(Not included in the SEMFestivalpass)

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