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Lumen Valo & Hedi Viisma – Piæ Cantiones - Renaissance Tunes around the Baltic Sea

Photo: © Stefan Bremer

Photo: © Harri Anttila

Thursday 21 March 2019 19:00 - 20:00 The German Church

March 21 2019, the beginning of spring and Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday, throughout Europe marks the celebration of the seventh edition of the European Early Music Day! Be there and celebrate this day with us on an unforgettable concert evening!

In Stockholm, SEMF is offering you a particular experience with the renown Finnish vocal ensemble Lumen Valo in co-action with eminent Estonian kantele-player Hedi Viisma, presenting 16th century vocal music from the region around the Baltic Sea. ”Piæ Cantiones - Renaissance Tunes around the Baltic Sea”, including works from Piæ Cantiones and music by Martin Luther, as well as Michael Praetorius!

Welcome to the concert introduction by Kari Turunen 6.30 pm - 6.45 pm! (in Swedish)


Anna Villberg, Titta Lampela, Hanna Graeffe, Riika Noreila, Aaro Haapaniemi, Kari Turunen, Valter Maasalo, Juha Suomalainen

Kantele: Hedi Viisma

Tickets: 200 SEK / 250 SEK