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Early Music Day (NB: ONLINE EVENT!)

Lynx Ensemble – Baroque Tales

Photo: ©Francis Löfvenholm

Sunday 21 March 2021 19:00 - 20:00 The Finnish Church

Lynx Ensemble consists of five young, talented Swedish/international musicians. The ensemble took shape through its innovative project "Hälsingebarocken" which offers folk tunes from Hälsingland (Swedish region), with brilliant arrangements from a baroque perspective. In "Baroque Tales", baroque meets the Hälsingland folk music, but instead of a clash of styles between two heavy musical traditions, a timeless and loving embrace takes place.

Netta Huebscher - Recorder

Linnea Aall Campbell - Violin

Anna Gustavsson - Keyed fiddle (nyckelharpa)

Leonor Palazzo - Baroque cello 

Avinoam Shalev - Harpsichord


1.    Prologue: Polska and twinpolska by Jon-Erik Hall (1877–1948) 

2.    Polska after Olof Nordblad (1810–1854), “Schola Claverino” 

3.    Tallapolska after “Jönsagubben”, Olof Jonsson (1816–1899) 

4.     “Old polska from Bollnäs” after Manne Olsson (1883–1968) 

5.    Two polska dances after Johnny Schönning (1894–1966) 

6.    Polska after Snickar-Erik Olsson (1824–1905) 

7.    Birch-bark shoe-march (Näverskomarschen) by Emil Lindvall (1870–1952) 

8.    Epilogue: Two polska dances after Carl Sved (1843–1921) 

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