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Be a SEMF volunteer!

Join us and make this year's festival an extraordinary one!
At this moment we are looking for volunteers for SEMF 2018!
The volunteer work means everything from hosting concerts to making coffee. No particular experience is required, only being service minded and a positive attitude! You'll get to experience the festival close up and meet other people interested in early music. You need to be available to work for at least 8 hours during the festival 1-6 June. 
Volunteers are welcome to the festival from 1st to 10th of June – that means during the festival itself and before the start. You don't have to work for the entire duration should you choose to apply! If you live in Stockholm and the surrounding areas you are most welcome to help out with posters and handing out flyers starting in May. Please spread the word about the festival wherever you happen to live, in Sweden or abroad, starting now!
Applicants, please send your details by April 15 2018!
You are welcome to send an application to:
Soroush Elmi, Volunteer Coordinator
+46 (0)73-9336796

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