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A different request...

Monday 4 May 2020

Some weeks ago, it was announced that this year's Stockholm Early Music Festival has been officially postponed, from June to September 8 - 13, due to the prevailing corona pandemic. We really hope that the world´s situation will enable the event to be implemented on these dates. 

The process is not only time-consuming and labour-intensive, but also tangible on SEMF's already tight budget. As a non-profit association, SEMF is dependent on both ticket revenues and grants to cover all the costs. A large part of the festival work is done by volunteers, but also remunerated staff is needed.

Like other cultural actors, SEMF has been hit financially in the wake of Corona. Therefore, here - for the first time in the festival's almost 20-year history - comes a humble request for a gift to secure upcoming festival activities.

SEMF hopes that your interest in the early music and the quality ambition of our events can engage you in wanting to support us. All contributions are of value! To facilitate and symbolically express our gratitude, we propose the following:

1) If you choose to support SEMF with at least 500 SEK Your name will be published in SEMF's upcoming General Program Book (you can of course also remain anonymous if you wish. Please notify us by emailing

2) If you choose to support SEMF with at least 1 000 SEK You also participate in the drawing of a SEMFestivalpass for the next festival.

3) If you choose to support SEMF with at least 5 000 SEK You are also invited to a VIP reception in conjunction with one of SEMF's evening concerts during the upcoming festival.

You are of course welcome to support SEMF with any other amount!

Deposit is made to SEMF: 
5622-1872 (Bankgiro)
1234397188 (SWISH)
or from abroad:
IBAN:  SE026 000 0000 0002 3106 9928 (Handelsbanken)

Please, enter SEMF support in the message box or SEMFanon if you prefer to remain anonymous. 

Thanks in advance! Stay healthy!

With the very best SEMF greetings, 

The SEMF team and the board