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Welcome to Stockholm Early Music Festival

Photo: Iman Khayyatan

Dear early music-lovers!

Welcome to an amorous encounter between audience and music carried on the wings of history! A national stage for early music - something that SEMF has been advocating for over a decade - is still not a reality, but in the meantime, the largest festival for the genre in the Nordic countries continues ahead, taking wing for the sixteenth time. In the soft early summer light of  Stockholm's Old Town, a boundless musical celebration under the sign of longing, where you can be certain that everything old will become new.

Ever new artists at SEMF! Europe draws near Sweden during six days. Take the opportunity to hear Norway's rising star Aksel Rykkvin and world class vocal ensembles such as the Belgian Huelgas Ensemble, French Ensemble Organum, and the English Swingle Singers. Discover Italian Renaissance women composers, ancient lyres, and Sweden's oldest mass. Pergolesi's beautiful Stabat Mater is performed by Barokkanerne, and Ale Möller joins us to celebrate the national day of Sweden. It is never too late for Swedish early music!


Peter Pontvik

Artistic Director Stockholm Early Music
Chairman NORDEM


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