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Welcome to XII Stockholm Early Music Festival 4-9 June 2013!

Photo: Yamandú Pontvik

Dear early music lovers and curious listeners,

The largest festival for historical music in the Nordic countries, presenting world class experiences since 2002, will soon fill the beautiful historical settings of the Old Town with live music for the twelfth time. And you, dear listeners, are the main characters!

In 2013, SEMF sets its perhaps most sumptuous musical table ever. For how often is there an opportunity to hear Les Arts Florissants, Freiburger Barockorchester and Anonymous 4 live, during the same week and in the same place? The international dimension is varied - from visiting artists from India to Latin American baroque music and a traditional Inca ritual. Lend your ears to a whole ensemble of baroque mandolins or rhythmical Hungarian renaissance music performed on the hurdy-gurdy.
Well-loved Swedish radio profile Vassilis Bolonassos is back, this time live with ”Once more on a Sunday”! New on the programme is a Sunday service with historical music in the German Church. Concerts with and for a young audience complete the programme.

Discover or rediscover. Feel and enjoy. Because genuine cultural experiences are more and more rarely a matter of course. Thank you, from all of us at SEMF, for appreciating and supporting our efforts. 

It's certainly never too late for early music…

Peter Pontvik
Artistic director, Stockholm Early Music Festival


press_chrisheister_portratt_jan_lindmark_0.jpgDear festival visitors,


it is with great pleasure I welcome you to the Stockholm Early Music Festival. As in previous years, the festival presents a wide-ranging programme from a fascinating period of music history in historical settings. Stockholm Early Music Festival has become a tradition in the early summer – a time when Stockholm is at its most beautiful.

Chris Heister



Photo: Jan Lindmark




To the programme...