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Instrument exhibition at Mäster Olofsgården

Photo: ©Robert Wåhlander

Photo: ©Johan Hedvall

Photo: ©Music Gift

Sunday 8 June 2014 12:00 - 17:00

For the second time SEMF presents an exhibition of historical instruments. Swedish instrument makers/distributors display their treasures. 




Wåhlander Instruments – Robert Wåhlander, handmade folk instruments and historical instruments.


Dan Johansson – An instrument technician and specialist of Early keyboard instruments


Johan Hedvall string instruments - Hand made string instruments in early music and folk music. Specialized on viola da gamba harpes.  


Music Gift - A Portuguese trade mark, specialized in the development of objects thematically related to music and musical events. 100% made in Portugal. 


Where: Mäster Olofsgården, Old Town



Admission free.