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Dialogos & Kantaduri – Dalmatica - Chant from the Adriatic

Photo: ©Johannes Ritter

Photo: ©Marlis Snoeck

Friday 3 June 2016 20:30 - 22:00 The German Church


A captivating musical journey in time to the ancient Croatia, inspired by the medieval Dalmatica dress as a symbolical link between the Byzantine and the Roman liturgy! Two vocal ensembles with distinct characters intertwine sacred and profane rituals between Christmas and Easter, in Latin and Slavic languages.


The celebrated singer and musicologist Katarina Livljanić has, with her ensemble Dialogos, approached medieval music in an innovative manner: by adding a theatrical dimension and an expressive way of interpretation. Josko Caleta and Kantaduri represent the rich folklore addition.


The concert is recorded by Swedish Radio and broadcast on a later occasion!


Ticket prices: 100 SEK - 330 SEK. NB: no interval! Numbered seats in four sections. Admission: 30 minutes before the concert.