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Photo: @Marie Grönvold

Early music for children

Anna-Carin Fogelqvist, Mette af Klint & Ensemble Mare Balticum – Ba-Rock-Stå-Upp

Sunday 5 June 2016 10:30 - 11:15 The Royal Armoury

How does the shawm, the viola da gamba, the dulcian or the cornet sound like? What can you also do with a chewing gum and is is true that all kind of music sounds best when played on a recorder?

Experience a fast-paced and catchy blend of baroque music, dance and comedy - a stand-up comedy for children that combines beautiful tones with whooping laughter.

Ensemble Mare Balticum brings its favourite guests – recorder palyer Anna-Carin Fogelqvist and opera singer Mette af Klint.

In Swedish!   Ticket price: 80 SEK, admission free for children up to 12 years.