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Qiyans Krets – Tapestry - with Middle Eastern roots!

Photo: @Stig-Magnus Thorsén

Monday 6 June 2016 12:00 - 13:00 The Stockholm Cathedral Parish Hall

With this concert SEMF wants to highlight the current situation in the Middle East in a different way. Through singing accompanied by the sound of harp, flute and percussions the ensemble, based in Gothenburg, takes up the threads of the Sephardic, Arabic and Western traditions, a tapestry of sounds and images with pearls from near and far, and yarn dyed of ancient history.


Qiyan were female slaves of different ethnicity, highly educateed musicians, lyricists and dancers, who in ancient times entertained princes at the Muslim court.


Ticket price: 120 SEK. Admission: 15 minutes before the concert.