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Photo: ©JARO Medien GmbH


Huun Huur Tu – TERRA INCOGNITA: Magic throat song

Wednesday 2 June 2021 20:00 - 22:00 The German Church

Exclusive thousand-year-old throat song from the Tuva region in Russian Siberia, a captivating sound cosmos that became an international success! Experience the mysterious and nature-inspired folk music tradition where a single singer sings in parts with himself! The Huun-Huur-Tu quartet has reconstructed and developed Tuva's ancient musical heritage and toured around the world with it since the 1990s.

TICKETS • Online live streaming: 100 SEK • On-site: 450 SEK

SEMF blocks rows and places in accordance with the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations and enables physical distancing.

Subject to change.

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