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Anne Sofie von Otter • Jean Rondeau • Thomas Dunford – A While For Music

Photo: @Rundquist, Rusanova, Benhamou

Thursday 3 June 2021 20:00 - 22:00 The German Church

The versatile court singer Anne Sofie von Otter, one of Sweden's best known mezzo-sopranos, needs no further introduction. In this long-anticipated visit to SEMF, she enchants us with Elizabethan musical treasures of shepherd songs and love ballads, but also with Italian Renaissance pearls and a touch of baroque pop. With the suberb accompaniment of award-winning French harpichordist Jean Rondeau and theorbist Thomas Dunford.

19.30 Half an hour before the concert – 10 minutes with Vassilis: If you want to learn more about the performed music; with a valid ticket or pass to one of the evening concerts in the German Church, come and listen to Vassilis Bolonassos, 30 minutes before the start of the concert! In Swedish.

TICKETS • Online live streaming: 10 € • On-site: 490 SEK

SEMF blocks rows and places in accordance with the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations and enables physical distancing.

Subject to change.

Anne Sofie von Otter • Jean Rondeau • Thomas Dunford

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