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Photo: © Paolo Donato


Nicolò Balducci male soprano & Dolci Affetti – KASTRAPOLIS

Saturday 4 June 2022 18:00 - 19:00 The Finnish Church

A rare guest performance! The young Italian superstar singer Nicolò Balducci is a sought after sopranist (male soprano) and countertenor. "Kastrapolis" was an alternative name for the city of Neapel, known for its castrates since the 1500s - they were thought to bridge the gap between masculine and feminine, and were therefore often called "angelic". Music by A. Scarlatti, L. Leo, Prosile and many more. Accompanied by the Ensemble Dolci Affetti, led by Dan Laurin and Anna Paradiso. 

TICKETS: 120/250 SEK

Subject to change!

Nicolò Balducci