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Photo: Stockholm Early Music Festival


XXI Stockholm Early Music Festival 2022

Wednesday 1 June 2022 19:00 - 21:00



The SEMFestival pass gives you entry to Stockholm Early Music Festival 2022. IMPORTANT! The unpredictable world situation could affect the festival's programme content, so in purchasing the Online SEMFestival pass you accept the scope and offerings of the event in its final form 1-6 June.

In the German Church, holders of festival passes can choose a dedicated place (same place for all evening concerts) within lines 5-6-7 in the A-section. At the  Musikaliska Concert Hall you will be assigned a seat after arrival, within the SEMFestivalpass-sector. At SEMF's other arenas, there are no seat numbers. We ask SEMFestival passholders to show up no less than 15 minutes before the concert!

HOW DO I BUY MY ON-SITE SEMFestival PASS? You can buy the festival pass by clicking on the ’Buy ticket’ button to the right. You can then exchange a print-out of your electronic ticket for a physical SEMFestival pass at SEMF's ticket office at Mäster Olofsgården, Svartmangatan 6,  which is open during the festival week, 1-6 June. You can also order your SEMFestival pass by calling 072-224 42 42 during SEMF's phone hours, weekends and Tuesdays at 10.00-12.00 and Thursdays at 13.00-15.00. You will then receive an invoice by post. After payment, you can pick up your physical SEMFestival pass at SEMF's ticket office.

SEMFestival PASSES PRICE AND VALIDITY. The SEMFestival pass costs 2580 kr. A printed copy of SEMF's festival programme book is included in the price! Please note that the number of festival passes is limited and that the pass is valid for all events except the Early Late Night Concert and BabyBaroque. NOTE! Regarding the opera Birger Jarl and Mechtild, the pass only applies to the performance on Monday 6 June at 15.30.

PS: You can of course also buy individual tickets to your favorite concerts!


Live streaming is a complement to the on-site experience. Listen and watch selected SEMF concerts live via the internet!

HOW DO I BUY MY ONLINE LIVE STREAMING TICKET? You can already buy a ticket for the live streaming of your favourite concert today! Under the ’Programme’ tab and to the right of each programme item that is available for broadcast (under the usual ’Buy ticket’ button), you will find a BLUE ’Live streaming’ button. When you click on it, you will come to a page where you buy a link to the concert. The price for the live-streamed experience is 10 €, corresponding to about 102 kr, which you can pay by credit card. You will then automatically receive an email to your specified email address, with the link to the live-streamed concert.

HOW DO I BUY MY ONLINE LIVE STREAMING SEMFESTIVAL PASS? You do this by clicking on the BLUE ’Live streaming’ button HERE on the right. The price for all live-streamed concert experiences is a total of 50 €, corresponding to approximately 508 kr. IMPORTANT! The unpredictable development of the Covid-19 pandemic could still affect the festival's programme content, so in purchasing the Online SEMFestival Pass you accept the scope and offerings of the event in its final form 1-6 June.

If you miss the live broadcast time, you can, by clicking on the blue buttons, and for 30 days from the event, purchase the link to the recorded concert through the same procedure.

Subject to change!

Live streaming