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Christmas Edition 2018

VII SEMF Christmas Edition 2018
German Church, Old Town, Stockholm



Saturday 15 December 2018

VII SEMF Christmas Edition Festivalpass


The SEMFestivalpass 2018 gives you entry to VII SEMF Christmas Edition. When buying the festival pass you can choose a permanent seat (same place for all concerts) in the German Church, rows 5, 6 and 7, A-section. You purchase your SEMFestivalpass by clicking on the "Buy ticket"-button on the right side. 


• A Swedish ”Christmas-Festival-Fika” (coffee and bun) at 3.15 pm is included in the SEMFestivalpass.

• The SEMFestivalpass is valid for all events except the Early Late Night Concert.

• The price for the SEMFestivalpass is 650 SEK. NB - limited number of passes!

• In order to buy single concerts, please click on the "Buy ticket"-button, on the respective concert.

15:14 - 21:25The German Church

•Coffee/tea, saffran bun, ginger bread, christmas candy.

•Included in the SEMFestivalpass.  

•Other concert visitors: 70 SEK (to be paid cash at entrance of the Parish Hall)

15:15 - 15:55The German Church's Parish Hall (2nd floor)

IHOS | Photo: IHOS

SEMF explore Early Christmas Music from around the world! Be part of an excursion to the Kalanta-tradition of Greece (related to the word "calender"), implying old narrating Christmas- or New Years eve's songs. Kalanta used to be sung by children who went from door to door which is still a part of Christmas celebrations in Greece, today.  The IHOS ensemble, led by musicologist Vassilis Varelas and with singer Katerina Konstantinou spread this Christmas and New Year eve's atmosphere, with a modal flavour of the Mediterranean Sea.   


Tickets: 150 SEK (B) 200 SEK (A)

16:00 - 17:00The German Church

ChristmasBaroquemusicQuiz with Vasse

Vassilis Bolonassos

Swedish radio profile Vassilis Bolonassos, known from the programme "Always on a Sunday" puts your knowledge on proof. Listen, answer the questions och win a ticket for a SEMF 2019 concert!

Free entrance with your concert ticket or SEMFestivalpass.

17:10 - 17:25The German Church's Parish Hall (2nd floor)

Kongero | Photo: Sara Björkeman

Old becomes new - a concert with Kongero takes the listener on a delightful trip, a powerful and wide spread Scandinavian folk music experience which gets close to the roots of the traditional christmas music. Pioneering polyphony, blue tones, groovy and intimate. In a self-concious way the four singers' expressions complete each other and give the ensemble its specific clear sound.

Tickets: 170 SEK (B) 220 SEK (A) 

17:30 - 18:30The German Church

Christmas Dinner | Photo: © Grillska Huset

This year we have the pleasure to offer our dear festival visitors a nice dinner at Grillska Huset (Stadsmissionen), Stortorget 3, in the heart of the Old Town.  

On the menu:

1) Fish pot with prawns and aioli (Fiskgryta med räkor och aioli).


2) Roasted vegetabels in corma sauce with raita and basmati rice - vegetarian dish. (Rostade grönsaker i kormasås med raita och basmatiris).

Price: 175 SEK. Softdrink/light beer included!

Please note! This offer was valid until Monday, December 10th, 2 pm and is not available för booking any more.

(Not included in the SEMFestivalpass)

18:40 - 19:50

Talenti Vulcanici | Photo: © Talenti Vulcanici

Roberta Mameli | Photo: ©Roberta Mameli

Directly from Naples! Welcome to the festivals's highlight, soprano Roberta Mameli and the liveful baroque orchestra Talenti Vulcanici.  A festive evening in the spirit of baroque Christmas including works by Scarlatti, Maraucci, Manfredini, Manna and de Liguori - solemn as well as pastoral music from the 17th and 18th century, originated in  hidden Neapolitan archives.   

Roberta Mamelisoprano

Monika Toth, Katarzyna Solecka, Alessia Pazzaglia, Andrea Beatriz Lizzaraga, Karolina Habalo, Rudolf Balazs, baroque violin - Simone Pirri, Filippo Bergo, baroque viola - Catherine Jones, Karolina Szewczykowska, baroque cello - Elisa La Marca, teorbo - Nicola Dal Maso, double bas - Marco Crosetto, organ

Stefano Demicheliharpsichord and direction

In cooperation and with the support of Istituto Italiano Di Cultura, the Italian Culture Institute in Stockholm. 

Tickets: 220 SEK (B) 270 SEK (A) 

20:00 - 21:00The German Church

Daniela Valero | Photo: APAC

Christmas has always been a time where we people played music or danced. Welcome to take some historical steps, guided by Daniela Valero.

Free entrance with your concert ticket or SEMFestivalpass!

21:10 - 21:35The German Church's Parish Hall (2nd floor)

Espen Myklebust Olsen | Photo: © Espen Myklebust Olsen

Patrik Kesselmark | Photo: Eleonore Poignant

Early Late Night Concert - you finish your day comfortably lying on a mattress, while listening to live music in a relaxed atmosphere. You completely sink into the sound world of the Düben organ, performed by of Espen Myklebust Olsen, organ and tenor Patrik Kesselmark, who interleave music from the 16th century with a smell of sheperds, angels, Maria and the Holy Child with gregorian song, psalms and traditional tunes. The programme incudes compositions by Gabrieli, Preatorius och Cavazzoni.

Tickets: 150 SEK. Limited number of mattresses. The SEMFestivalpass is not valid.


Espen Myklebust Olsen
21:45 - 22:30The German Church