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Early Music Day 2022

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of  Early Music Day with SEMF!

Life and Passion of the Christ  
Newly discovered works by Augustin Pfleger

March 21 2022 throughout Europe marks the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Early Music Day, launched by an initiative of SEMFs founder, Peter Pontvik, and coordinated by REMA. The event enjoys the patronage of the European Commission and is a cooperation with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). 

In Stockholm, SEMF is offering a concert with the renown Norwegian ensemble ORKESTER NORD, conducted by Martin Wåhlberg.

Life and Passion of the Christ  - newly discovered works by Augustin Pfleger”, is focusing on works by amazing baroque composer Augustin Pfleger and will be performed in the German Church, Stockholm at 7 pm as well as broadcast by the Swedish Radio. More information about the European Early Music Day can be found on

In cooperation with the Swedish Radio, Volkswagen Transportbilar (VW), Embassy of Norway, Nordic Culture Fond, Norway's Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and the German Church.

Buy your tickets here from February 18th!


Monday 21 March 2022

Augustin Pfleger, one of the most important composers before J S Bach, developed together with Buxtehude the German cantata tradition. Pfleger's cantatas are dramatic, close to opera, with a musical language that is inspired both by Monteverdi's Italian style as well as Nordic folk music.

Orkester Nord, and the orchestra's own vocal ensemble Vox Nidrosiensis has during the last years been established as one of the leading Scandinavian ensembles of baroque and early music. Orkester Nord, based in Trondheim, Norway, has performed at festivals and concert halls all over Europe, as well as in Latin America.

The Life and Passion of the Christ


Augustin Pfleger (1635 – 1686?) Jetzt gehet an die neue Zeit 

Augustin Pfleger Ach Herr du Sohn Davids erbarme

Vincenzo Albrici (1631 - 1687) Från Sinfonia i D: adagio  

Augustin Pfleger Der Herr ist groß von Wundertat 

Augustin Pfleger Merket, wie der Herr uns liebet 

Augustin Pfleger Ach daß ich Wassers genug hätte 

Vincenzo Albrici (1631 - 1687) Från Sinfonia i D: allegro  

Augustin Pfleger O Freude und dennoch Leid 

Estimated finishing time: 8.15 pm. No interval.  

Vox Nidrosiensis Margreet Rietveld, soprano  Anaïs Yvoz, soprano  Samuel Boden, tenor Benedict Hymas, tenor  Étienne Bazola, bas

Orkester Nord Anna Rainio, baroque violin Katarzyna Kmieciak, baroque violin Leonardo Bortolotto, viol  Noémie Lenhof, viol Marion Mallevaes, double bas Elisabeth Seitz, psalterion Erik Høsøien, theorbo Jean-Miguel Aristizabal, organ

Martin Wåhlberg, conductor

19:00 - 20:15The German ChurchLive streaming