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European Day of Early Music 2016

Celebrate European Day of Early Music in Stockholm!

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Celebrate European Day of Early Music for the fourth time with SEMF!


March 21 2016 throughout Europemarks the celebration of the fourth edition of the European Day of Early Music, launched by an initiative from SEMF and co-ordonated by REMA. The event enjoys the patronage of Unesco and the  European Commission.


On March 21st, the begining of spring and Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday, concerts, conferences and other events related to early music are held around Europe with the purpose of increasing the awareness about the diversity of a shared historical musical heritage. Many of these events will be made available for a broad audience via online live-streaming. The projects is also with the co-operation of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). 


SEMF is offering an afternoon with early music in a public space in collaboration with Gallerian, Stockholm. Please see program details below.