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European Day of Early Music 2018

Celebrate the sixth European Day of Early Music with SEMF!

Thirty years of music and tears

March 21 2018 throughout Europe marks the celebration of the fifth edition of the European Day of Early Music, launched by an initiative from SEMF and coordinated by REMA. The event enjoys the patronage of the European Commission and is a cooperation with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). 

On March 21st, the beginning of spring and Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday, concerts, conferences and other events related to early music are held around Europe with the purpose of increasing the awareness about the diversity of a shared historical musical heritage. Several of these events are available for a broad audience via online live-streaming.

In Stockholm, SEMF is offering a uniquely compiled concert with Vokalharmonin, Stockholm & Lautten Compagney, Berlin conducted by Fredrik Malmberg.  

”Thirty years of music and tears”, including works by Schütz, Scheidt, Boltzius as well as Nordic folk music tunes is presented in The German Church (Tyska kyrkan) at 7 pm and broadcast live through Swedish Radio as well as EBU.

In cooperation with the Swedish Radio, EBU, the Goethe-Institute in Stockholm and the German Church. More information about the European Day of Early Music can be found on

Buy your tickets here! from February 16th.

Wednesday 21 March 2018

The Early Music Tram! | Photo: Levande Video

The Early Music Tram – early music on wheels!

On the European Day of Early Music, Wednesday 21st of March, 1 pm – 3 pm, Stockholm's most central Tramway no 7 will be filled with early and timeless music! For a couple of hours a "wheel concert" with an ensemble of young musicians from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm will offer you a selection of renaissance and baroque jewels. For free!
In cooperation with Stockholms Spårvägar.

Emma Fagerström, soprano
Clara Guldberg Ravn, recorder
Lorenzo Fugazza, lute


13:00 - 15:00

Photo: copyright: Vokalharmonin & Lautten Companey

European Day of Early Music

Dir.: Fredrik Malmberg

Vokalharmonin & Lautten Compagney

Thirty Years of Music and Tears

On March 21st, the beginning of spring and Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday, celebrate the sixth edition of the European Day of Early Music with a uniquely compile concert with Vokalharmonin, Stockholm & Lautten Compagney, Berlin conducted by Fredrik Malmberg!

Andreas Gryphius    Thränen des Vaterlandes (poem, in German, recited by Thomas Volle)                   
Heinrich Schütz        Auf dem Gebirge (SWV 396, in C)                  
                              Warum toben die Heiden
Anonymus               Folk music suite, Sweden 17th century               
                             1) Brudmarsch (Swedish trad. pipe, solo)
                             2) Dances after A. Höök
Thomas Boltzius      Threnodia                                       
                             (Sorgemusiken med anledning av Gustav II Adolfs död 1632)
Lucidor/Svenonius   Jag ledz wijd werlden ( alto and b.c.)                  
A Hammerschmidt   Verleih uns Frieden (version 5vv, 3 inst, b.c)      
Folklig koral             Den signade dag (trad. pipe, solo)                      
Sophie Elisabeth      Ich, der hasslich bleiche Tod                     
Samuel Scheidt        Galliard Battaglia                           
Heinrich Schütz        Da Pacem, Domine    
Heinrich Schütz        Nun danket alle Gott (Symphonie Sacre III)

Ida Zarckisson, sopran
Elin Skorup, sopran
Anna Zander, alt
Rodrigo Sosa, alt
Thomas Volle, tenor
Niklas Engquist, tenor
Ove Pettersson, bas
Staffan Liljas, bas

Göran Månsson, flöjter

Lautten Compagney, Berlin
Birgit Schnurpfeil, violin
Anne Von Hoff, violin
Friederike Otto, sinka
Ulrike Paetz, viola
Annette Reinfurth, gamba & violone
Alexander Brungert, alt-  och tenortrombon
Axel Andrae, dulcian
Wolfgang Katschner, luta
Peter Bauer, slagverk

Fredrik Malmberg, musikalisk ledning          

19:00 - 20:30The German Church