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Welcome to XVIII Stockholm Early Music Festival!

Photo: Peter Pontvik (Foto: Iman Khayyatan)

Dear friends!

"Early Music? What's that? A breakfast tune?" – the little girl innocently asked. Sometimes I wonder if the dry objectiveness of semantics really transmits the essence of our passion. However : if early music heritage should be borne into the future, the younger generations need opportunities to sharpen their taste buds with medieval popcorn, renaissance ice cream, and baroque candy ; at home, in school, churches, concert houses and online. Invite your children to SEMF!

A lavish international music buffet from 10 centuries is waiting for you. After the kingly opening with a Renaissance wedding feast à la Medici, the relay runs from Father Seraphim's 1000 year old Georgian song tradition, through harpsichord star performer Skip Sempé, to Carmina Latina's colourful ibero-american Baroque. OPERAtion Bach stages the secular cantatas of the master, while Vincenzo Capezzuto's peculiar voice embraces Stradella's universe. May we entice with Swedish baroque hits or Slovak basset-horn? Don't miss the Night Concert in total darkness, and figure out who will be this year's Surprise Concert guest!

It's never too late for a breakfast tune! See you there!

Peter Pontvik
Artistic Director SEMF

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