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Welcome to the XIX Stockholm Early Music Festival!

Photo: Peter Pontvik (Foto: Iman Khayyatan)

To whom it may concert

Perhaps the longing for live music and arts has never been stronger than in these strange times. In the shadow of the pandemic, a whole festival has been postponed, from June to September, thanks to a gigantic puzzle work and invaluable support from all of you! SEMF feels almost like a fifth season; one that is now rising again in the Old Town’s late-summer light. Early music arises like Phoenix from the ashes - because culture is needed more than ever. 

Shimmers of Italy hover over the festival this year. Mare Nostrum takes you on a romantic stroll through Rome with Alessandro Stradella, while Oni Wytars tells in a thousand and one magic melodies about Naples’ people, yards and courts. The carnival fades in with Belgian Ricercar Consort’s rendering of Heinrich Biber’s festive and ingenious opus. Marvel at German Die Singphonikers’ vocal art and ‘jam’ with Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien’s gorgeous Scottish bagpipe swing. The starting signal: Royal sounds by Fredrick the Great and Wilhelmine of Bayreuth with virtuoso Hungarian flute player Benedek Csalog and Orpheus Baroque Stockholm. The surprise: La Terza Prattica – baroque dance between Venice and Paris! 

Welcome to a later early music experience!

Peter Pontvik
Artistic Director SEMF
Chairman NORDEM

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