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Welcome to Stockholm Early Music Festival!


Dear friends! 


An anniversary should be celebrated – even in days of pandemic! 20 years of commitment to early music in Sweden and an uninterrupted effort to build bridges between genuine historical music expressions and us living people. A vision on its way. Let's rejoice in the inherent strength of music, one that never leaves us alone. With the invaluable encounters in the concert hall and digital solutions as a complementary tool, we are heading for a brighter future. The time is also ripe to eventually establish a permanent stage for early music in Sweden, a role that SEMF has now shouldered for two decades. 

On a birthday, gifts are handed out - so also does SEMF, with a tray full of musical surprises. Russian star, baroque violinist Dmitry Sinkovsky, fascinates on the opening night with Vivaldi's Four Seasons, performed for the first time at the festival! A famous visit is bestowed by our own Anne Sofie von Otter with fine accompaniment from France. It will be a spectacular treat to see and hear the New Collegium (The Netherlands) masters Bach concerts on no less than 4 harpsichords at the same time! Dream away to the world of Gregorian chant with the sonorous Schola Cantorum Riga and follow fiery Spanish renaissance turns offered by Accademia del Piacere. Tableaux Vivants - Caravaggio's masterpieces as live paintings, directly from Naples, and Huun Huur Tu, millennial Tuvinian throat singing, top the party!


Cheers to a mature youth! It's never too late for an early music stage!


Peter Pontvik
Artistic Director SEMF
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