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Foto: ©Michal Novak

Foto: ©Michal Novak


Raquel Andueza & La Galanía – YO SOY LA LOCURA

Måndag 5 juni 2023 17:30 - 18:30 Finska kyrkan
I am the madness, the one who gives pleasure to the world - the programme highlights and reconstructs typical 17th century Spanish dances and melodies: folías, zarabandas and jácaras - a musical world where passion, jealousy, love, sadness are ever present. Raquel Andueza is an internationally recognised Spanish singer and her award-winning ensemble La Galania has developed into one of Spain's most significant early music ensembles.  

In collaboration with The Spanish Embassy and Instituto Cervantes

With the support of AC/E (PICE)

TICKETS: 130/270 SEK. Child ticket: 120 SEK.

Subject to change!

La Galanía